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Secondary Invenstment Services

Deal Sourcing Service for Secondary Funds

DRB International Investment Services is active in sourcing secondary investment opportunities for private equity firms who invest in the private equity secondary market, as well as for real estate fund managers who invest in the secondary real estate market. In each case, the deal sourcing will focus on investments in other funds and on direct investments. In this context DRB International Investment Services will work with three types of firms:

Deal Sourcing Services for Institutional Investors

DRB International Investment Services will work and source with institutional investors (pension funds, insurance companies, banks, other financial or investment institutions) who are either direct investors or investors in closed end funds (venture capital and/or private equity or real estate funds) and who are interested in selling such investments<> and to generate liquidity in what is otherwise an illiquid investment.

Reasons to sell an existing private equity position among others may be poor performance of the investment, a change in the required asset allocation of the institutional investor’s portfolio, a change in investment strategy, or a change in investment outlook.

DRB International Investment Services will bring such institutional investors in contact with private equity firms which have an interest in buying such assets.

Deal Sourcing Services for Closed End Fund Managers

DRB International Investment Services will work and source for closed end fund managers who would consider to sell:

  • Certain portfolio investments in existing funds being managed by them


  • Certain funds which may have reached the liquidation stage and for which a secondary purchase could be a quick and efficient exit.

A secondary purchase of such assets will result in immediate liquidity (and cash back to investors) of investments for which otherwise no imminent exit may be available and protect the IRR of the fund managed.

Deal Sourcing Services for Corporations

DRB International Investment Services will work with corporations who wish to sell assets, holdings, subsidiary companies or investments which are no longer core to their strategy.

DRB International Investment Services will bring those corporations into contact with secondary fund investors whose investment mandate would correspond with such assets.

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